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Bergara Turns Eye to Penny-wise Hunters with B14 Rifle

Bergara Turns Eye to Penny-wise Hunters with B14 Rifle/* custom css */ { text-align: left; } img { margin: 0 auto 0 0; } Bergara is offering hunters an economical choice with the release of its B14 rifle. Bergara is offering hunters an economical choice with the release of its B14 rifle. Like much of the B-14 line, the rifle has exceptional quality. Bergara is a Spanish barrel maker that recently gained a Georgia drawl. Not so long ago, the company expanded its operations to one of America’s hotbeds of firearms manufacturing. In the process, the company expanded its horizons to manufacturing complete rifles. While much of gun maker’s early offerings have had a tactical flare, it has turned its eye more closely to hunters as of late. And it looks to have given them a fairly slick looking rifle that — if it lives up to previous offerings — should be right on target. Related GunDigest Articles Gun Review: Bergara LRP Elite Rifle Video: Feature-Rich Thompson/Center Compass Rifle New Rifle: Ruger's New Scout Rifle Looks to be a Thumper Perhaps best of all, the Bergara B14 doesn’t look to break the bank in offering a top-line rifle. The walnut stocked Timber version has a price tag of $950, while a synthetically stocked Hunter model is $825. This is well below the previous rifles the company has released, which run into the thousands of dollars. Being a Bergara, however, it’s the rifle’s barrel that should end up stealing the show. The company’s multi-stage process of boring and rifling its chrom-moly barrels has been reported as leaving nary a tool mark, thus making them superbly accurate. In particular, it is Bergara’s honing process and the utilization of diamond-tipped bits that create the bore’s mirror-like finish. The company then button rifles the barrels, keeping the deviation of the groove less than .0002”. The B14 is being offered in five chamberings — .300 Winchester Magnum, .30-06, .270, .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor. This selection should cover nearly any game stalked in North America, not to mention an individual hunter’s preferences.

Best Taurus G2C Lasers of 2020 Complete Review

Best Taurus G2C Lasers of 2020  Complete Review

If you’re looking for the best Taurus G2C laser, then you’re not alone. There are a handful of owners of this pistol in particular that are looking for something that will help make it a little more accurate. A good laser will also be visible in almost any light condition imaginable. Without good visibility, it will take a good amount of guesswork on where your shot will actually land. To get you started in choosing the right laser for your Taurus G2C , we’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of six Taurus G2C lasers that are considered the best on the market. Before we get to the list, let’s talk about the comparison between red versus green lasers and which ones are better. We’ll also give you a brief guide on how you can choose these lasers for your intended applications. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Taurus G2C Lasers OUR TOP PICK: ArmaLaser Taurus PT111 / PT140 Gen 2 Laser Sights Viridian Weapon Technologies E-Series Red Laser Sight HiLight P3GL 500 lm Strobe Flashlight &; Green Laser Combo Ade Advanced Optics HG54G Strobe Laser Sight BEST BUDGET OPTION: TACTICON Laser Sight Comparison Chart of the Best Taurus G2C Lasers IMAGE PRODUCT Our Top Pick ArmaLaser Taurus PT111 / PT140 Gen 2 Laser Sights Maximum range of 50 feet. Best overall Taurus G2C laser. Available in either red or green. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews "Viridian Weapon Technologies" E-Series "Red Laser Sight" Red laser sight. The battery life of six hours. Runner-up for best overall Taurus G2C Laser "View Latest Price" → "Read Customer Reviews" HiLight P3GL 500 lm "Strobe Flashlight &" ; "Green Laser Combo" Includes a built-in LED flashlight. Best Taurus G2C laser sight for the money. Green laser sight that is effective for outdoor use. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews "Ade Advanced Optics" HG54G "Strobe Laser Sight" Battery included. Ambidextrous control switch. Best green laser for a Taurus G2C pistol. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Best Budget Option TACTICON Laser Sight Visible up to 100+ yards. Best red laser sight for the Taurus G2C. Housing made from high-quality material. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews SyndeRay G01 CREE LED Tactical Gun Flashlight Includes high mode and strobe mode. Best laser light combo for Taurus G2C lasers. The body is made from high-quality aluminum alloy. View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Red vs. Green Laser Sights - Which is Better and Why? Both red and green laser sights have their own set of advantages. However, they also come with their own set of disadvantages as well. Of the two, which one is better? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each laser and make the determination of which is better: Red Lasers Red lasers are obviously the most common of them all. Not to mention they are quite affordable and easy to make. At the same time, the red lasers are a lot more sensitive to the eyes compared to green lasers. ​They will definitely serve you in the long run if you’re in a close range application. One of the major cons of a red laser is that you won’t be able to see it quite effectively in the day time. Green Lasers Green lasers are a lot less sensitive to the eyes than red lasers. They contain wavelengths of about 500 nanometers. Since the rods and cones of your eyes can handle that and probably close to 550 nanometers, this will be an even better option for some. This laser will make its money in an outdoor setting. It will have the ability to reach out and touch something at distances that no red laser could ever touch. Source It’s one major con is that it won’t give you any effectiveness if you’re indoors or in a close-range setting. At that point, the laser itself will become even harder to see. The Verdict If you’re looking for a laser that will give you the best performance in an indoor, CQB application, the red laser is king. Especially when you’ll be able to see it better and be able to get a good shot in low light conditions. However, if you’re planning on using your pistol in an outdoor application like target shooting and competitive shooting, a green laser will definitely be your best friend. Especially when it can have the ability to reach a little farther than red lasers. Plus, it’s visible in broad daylight. Of which is better than the two: the jury is still out (and probably will be for quite some time). How to Choose a Laser Sight Perfect for Your Taurus G2C While looking for a laser sight, it’s always important to know what you need to look for. Especially when you’re looking for something that is considered the best when compared to sights that are ineffective and unreliable. There are some characteristics and aspects that you’ll need to consider before making a final decision. They are as follows: Price If you’re a budget shopper, then odds are you’re going to hold the price tag to a high standard. Especially when you’re looking to find the best deal for yourself. One thing to make a note of is that you should not skimp on the quality for the sake of saving yourself a few bucks. What you should do is find the best quality that is affordable for your budget. Even if it means spending money on something that’s high on your budget scale, the overall value will be more to your liking than the money you pay for it. What is Your Intended Application? Do you plan on using your Taurus G2C for everyday carry? Are you using it for outdoor purposes? These are some of the questions that you need to consider while you are looking for a laser. Remember, a red laser will be effective in some applications and settings. The same way goes with green lasers. Consider the pros and cons listed above in case you need an additional help guide that will point you in the right direction. Installation You don’t have to be an expert gunsmith to install these lasers on your pistol. So it’s important to find one that will take a matter of minutes to install (especially with the right kind of tools). Once you are able to install it, you can use it almost immediately. Remember to test it out at the range so you can make any possible adjustments if you notice your shots are a little off. Quick Take - The Best Taurus G2C Lasers These are our recommendations for the best Taurus G2C lasers: ArmaLaser Taurus PT111 / PT140 Gen 2 Laser Sights Viridian Weapon Technologies E-Series Red Laser Sight HiLight P3GL 500 lm Strobe Flashlight &; Green Laser Combo Review of the Best Taurus G2C Lasers The following is a list of the six best Taurus G2C lasers that are currently on the market. As you look through each one, you’ll need to take notes on the characteristics and features of each one so you know whether or not it matches up with your ideal laser sight. Because finding a “close enough” laser sight is a lot better than never finding one at all. Now, let’s begin by taking a look at our “best overall” choice for Taurus G2C lasers: Best Overall: ArmaLaser Taurus PT111 / PT140 Gen 2 Laser Sights CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy To Zero In Right Out of the Box Instant Installation, No Issues For Most Users Works Great For Deterring Attackers and Prowlers Very Accurate Shooting For Each Color and Application Works Perfectly With Most Taurus Pistols, Including the G2C Cons Red Laser May Not Be Visible In Outdoor Applications May Not Be As Effective If You Wear Gloves While Shooting Green Laser Might Be a Little More Expensive Than the Red Laser What Recent Buyers Report A lot of recent buyers were satisfied with the laser sight. Regardless of the color, it has proven itself to be one of the best sights that you can find if you hold accuracy to a higher importance. Most users said that their shooting groups got noticeably tighter when firing at targets situated from as far as 50 feet out. Why it Stands Out to Us You have your choice of either a red laser or a green laser. Either way, it stands out to us in a few ways. One, it’s easy to install. In fact, it’s so easy a newbie can do it. Plus, it is one of the most accurate laser sights out there. Don’t be surprised if your Taurus G2C pistol suddenly gets a lot more accurate once you’ve installed it. Who Will Use This Most This will be used the most depending on which laser color you use. If you’re using a red laser, it will be used the most by those who are more indoor range shooters than outdoor types. This will definitely make its money in a self-defense application. Meanwhile, the green laser will work only in outdoor settings and will be used mostly by target shooters who are gearing up for their next competition. What Could Be Improved and Why One improvement that might be convenient for a lot of shooters would be to give them a dual option. This idea was floated by one of the recent buyers. In other words, give them the option to switch to red or green. They can use the setting depending on the environment that they are in. For example, if you're in an outdoor setting in broad daylight you can switch to a green laser with one flip of the switch. Meanwhile, if you're firing targets at an indoor range that's when switching it to a red laser will be ideal. Bottom Line If you’re looking for an excellent sight that will be effective in its specific settings, then the ArmaLaser laser sight will definitely work to your advantage. No matter the application, this sight gets the job done when it comes to giving you a boost in accuracy. Runner-up: Viridian Weapon Technologies E-Series Red Laser Sight CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Instant Installation "Very Accurate Shooting" From 25 to 50 Yards Windage and Elevation Adjustments Are Really Easy Has a Lot of Excellent Range Depending On What Light Conditions You’re In Excellent For Left-Handed Shooters Thanks To the Ambidextrous Light Switch Cons Might Take Some Getting Used To The Battery May Be Dead On Arrival May Not Be Effective In a Daylight Outdoor Setting What "Recent Buyers Report" Recent buyers said the battery lasted them a good deal of time. It wasn’t weak in terms of power. It provided them with a good sight to use in a CQB session. Surprisingly for them, the laser beam’s reach becomes a lot farther once there is a lack of daylight in an outdoor setting. Some have said that it could reach as far as a mile. Why it Stands Out to Us This red laser is bright and has the potential to work in just about any low-light or indoor setting that you can think of. Not only that, it’s another one of those sights that won’t take too long to install. Especially when you want to install something that’s more of a “attach it and forget it” kind of sight. Who Will "Use This Most" This will be used by Taurus users who typically use their pistols in indoor settings. CQB applications will also apply to a sight like this. But don’t discount it as being a useless sight for outdoor use. Especially when it can reach farther outdoors when it’s either dawn or dusk. If that isn’t impressive, we’re not sure what is. What Could Be Improved and Why One thing that might be a convenience to new users is including extra batteries along with the laser just in case the initial battery is dead on arrival. This way, you can install a fresh new battery and be ready to go by the time you get this puppy installed. Bottom Line The Viridian E-Series red laser might be exactly what you’re looking for if you’re simply looking for an exclusive red laser that will make your Taurus pistol a lot more accurate. This might be the best possible sight that you can use in a tactical or self-defense situation. Best for the Money: ​ HiLight P3GL 500 lm Strobe Flashlight &; Green Laser Combo CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Very Sturdy Quality Installation is Really Easy Affordable For Most Budgets The Laser is Very Visible in an Outdoor Daylight Setting Flashlight is Really Bright, It Will Help You Navigate Through Obstacles in Low-Light and Dark Conditions Cons Some Re-Zeroing May Be Needed The Battery May Be Weak or Dead On Arrival Might Not Be Effective in Some Indoor Settings What Recent Buyers Report A lot of recent buyers were quite happy with the sight in general. One user said that he uses it for his outdoor only Taurus pistol. The green laser beam is quite visible when it’s aiming at paper targets from various ranges. Most of their shooting groups were a lot tighter prior to the installation. Why it Stands Out to Us This laser is without question one of the best green lasers on the market. At an affordable price, it definitely has the ability to perform quite well, especially when competing against high-end sights. But nonetheless, it’s one of those “more than what you pay for” kind of sights, and that’s why we love it. Who Will Use This Most Since it’s a green laser, we expect this to be used mostly by outdoor shooters. Especially target shooters and competitive shooters alike. This might be one of your best options if you belong in either category. Not only that, it might be worth using if you fancy yourself to be a long-range pistol shooter. What Could Be Improved and Why As unconventional as it sounds, getting rid of the battery would be wise. This way, it will allow the user (maybe you) to find a battery that will be fresh and ready to use. Especially a battery that will give you more power and longevity. Bottom Line If you’re looking for a great sight that will be effective in an outdoor setting without breaking the bank, the HiLight Flashlight and Sight combo might be something that could be your best possible choice. Especially if you’re looking for some excellent tools that will definitely be useful in either a daytime or nighttime situation. Best Green Laser: ​ Ade Advanced Optics HG54G Strobe Laser Sight CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Fits Most Holsters Housing is Very Durable Visible in Daylight Conditions Easy to Install On Smaller Pistols It Can Work Pretty Good in Nighttime Conditions Cons Short Battery Life May Not Fit Some Taurus G2C Pistols It May Loosen Up a Bit After 100 Rounds What Recent Buyers Report A handful of new users were overall satisfied with the laser sight in general. One even went so far to say that it was probably one of the best sights he’s ever used at an outdoor range. The green laser is bright, visible and definitely gets the job done when it comes to hitting targets from as far as 35 to 40 yards out. Why it Stands Out to Us Green lasers are probably exclusive to the outdoor shooters. But the real reason why it stands out to us is that it is all-around durable. It has the ability to work around the clock in providing you with the best possible accuracy no matter what the application. This laser can reach out and touch something depending on the conditions. Who Will Use This Most This will be a favorite among everyday carry people. It will also be a go-to favorite for those who prefer to shoot rounds at the outdoor range as opposed to indoors. This will also be a great sight for those who want to hit targets that are farther out of the range of typical red laser sights. What Could Be Improved and Why The battery life is an hour long. That is an atrocity to so many. So what would be a suggested solution? Get rid of it. But allow the user to replace it with a battery of their own. Something with longer battery life. Bottom Line If you’re a fan of the green lasers and want one that is considered one of the best in the business, then you’ll want to get your hands on the Ade Advanced Optics. This will definitely work to your advantage in most outdoor applications. But it can definitely give you the boost in accuracy you’ll want out of your Taurus G2C laser. Best Red Laser: TACTICON Laser Sight CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Zeros in Quite Easily Fits "Most Taurus Pistols" Without Any Issue Installation is Easy, Takes a Couple Minutes Accurate and Visible From Well Over 100+ Yards Out Excellent For Indoor Range and Self-Defense Applications Cons Batteries May Die Quickly Might Be a Challenge to Sight in For Some Pistols Screws May Not Allow For Any Additional Adjustments What Recent Buyers Report A lot of recent buyers were satisfied with how accurate their shooting was. One was quite surprised to see his shots consistently hitting the middle of the target from about 100 yards away. One has even said that it was easier for him to use in a run and gun situation compared to standard sights. Why it Stands Out to Us This red laser will definitely make its money in most applications. Especially the applications where the shooters are mostly indoor range shooters. It’s also the closest thing you can get to a tactical friendly sight because of the highly durable housing that makes pistol attachment a lot easier. Who Will Use This Most This will be best used by those who are everyday carry practitioners. Aside from that, this will also be used for those who want to use their pistol for self-defense purposes and long-range target shooting. For a red laser, it does some things that most of these kinds of sights won’t do. What Could Be Improved and Why The one thing that can improve in our opinion is to make the overall design a little slimmer. This way, it won’t look bulky if you’re using it on smaller compact pistols. The Taurus G2C is by far one of the best pistols to use in terms of concealability. Something that might be a little large for it might defeat the purpose. Bottom Line If you fancy yourself as a fan of the red lasers, then this Tacticon Laser Sight will most definitely be right up your alley. It does a lot of things that no other red laser would ever dare of trying out. That is good enough for us to call it one of the best in its class. Best Laser Light Combo: SyndeRay G01 CREE LED Tactical Gun Flashlight CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Fits Great On Taurus G2C Pistols Excellent For Tactical Applications Easy to Install, Takes a Few Minutes Super Durable Body, It Can Take On All Kinds of Impact and Abuse Flashlight is Really Bright, It Helps You Get Around All Kinds of Obstacles at Night Cons The Sight Itself Might Be a Little Loose For Some Button Cover Gets Loose, Might Keep Falling Off The Beam of Light Might Be Too Wide For Some Users What Recent Buyers Report Most recent buyers saw that the laser provided a lot of pinpoint accurate shots. Some have said that they have used it for the sake of tactical and self-defense purposes and were not disappointed with the results. The body is resistant to all kinds of shock, which makes them worry less about their zero settings. Why it Stands Out to Us This is a laser/flashlight combo kit that will definitely work to your advantage in an outdoor setting and sometimes an indoor setting (if such a situation warrants it). It really stands out in our opinion because it takes the frustration out of having to carry a flashlight in your other hand while you’re using your pistol in the other. Sometimes, the task is tougher than it seems. Who Will Use This Most This flashlight/laser combo will be mostly used by those who intend to use their pistols in a tactical or self-defense application. Expect this to be a popular choice among law enforcement and military personnel when they use these for training exercises or combat situations. What Could Be Improved and Why One of the things that might be worth improving is making the beam of light a little narrower. But not by too much so it doesn’t mess with the coverage area. Sometimes, having it a little wider than normal might be overkill for some users. Bottom Line If you hate the idea of having to hold your flashlight in one hand and your pistol in another, this SyndeRay Flashlight and Sight Set could be exactly what you’re looking for. Especially if you’re looking for something that is specifically designed for tactical and self-defense situations for your Taurus G2C pistol. How to Sight in a Laser on a Pistol In order for a laser sight to be more effective, it’s important to get it sighted in so it can consistently be accurate. Assuming you have already installed a laser sight, the following is a brief guide on how you can properly sight in a laser on your pistol: Set up a paper target by starting out at a range of 10 yards. Fire off as many rounds as possible until you are consistently hitting the bullseye with your shots. Once you know you are able to hit shots at 10 yards, you can move up to the next distance. At this point, you can go as far as 25 yards. Do the same thing again until you are able to consistently hit bullseyes or near it. The farthest you can possibly go with this kind of pistol will be about 50 yards in most cases. If you feel comfortable with it, you are free to try and sight in your laser at about 50 yards or beyond (if your pistol is able to shoot that far). Conclusion The best Taurus G2C laser is out there. But it will come down to what your intent and purpose will be in order to find one that fits you perfectly. Whether it’s a red laser or green laser, you will need a laser sight that will maximize your Taurus G2C’s accuracy to its full potential. Be sure to choose wisely since the sight you might buy will be yours to use for the long term.

Best AR-10 80% Lowers of 2020 Rated & Reviewed

Best AR-10 80% Lowers of 2020  Rated & Reviewed

Are you looking for the best AR-10 80% lower? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, we’ll be looking at a couple of these in a brief moment. But first, we’ll be talking about what these are and what their intended purpose is. We’ll also give you a brief guide on how you can choose a great 80% lower for your rifle without having to wade through the low-quality, cheap lowers that tend to flood the market these days. Also, if you might have concerns as to whether or not an 80% lower is legal in your area or not, stick around. We’ll answer that question so you won’t have to spend more time researching for an answer. Comparison Chart of the Best AR-10 80% Lowers IMAGE PRODUCT Our Top Pick James Madison Tactical - 308 80% Lower Receiver W/Jig Includes Extended Fire Control Box Sections Webbed Magazine Wells on Both the Left and Right Sides Made From High-Quality Polymer for Durability and Corrosion Resistance View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Best Budget Option JMT .308/7.62 80% Polymer Lower Receiver & jig "Made From High" -Quality Polymer Includes Upper Left Magazine Well Box Section "Webbed Magazine Wells" on the Left and Right Sides "View Latest Price" → "Read Customer Reviews" What is an 80% Lower? An 80% lower is a slang term for a type of lower receiver . Contrary to popular belief, it’s not something that was made up by government agencies like the ATF. Like the name, this lower receiver covers up 80 percent of the lower half of your AR-10 rifle. Despite some saying that it’s considered a firearm, a stand-alone 80% lower is not one. For further confirmation, the ATF even states that these lowers are not firearms. That’s because in order to complete the receiver, it would require some tooling or gunsmithing skills. Keep in mind that in most jurisdictions, it is legal to manufacture your own gun. But to err on the side of legality, double check your local, state, and federal laws just to make sure. "James Madison Tactical" - 308 "80% Lower Receiver" W/Jig Is it Legal to Own an 80% Lower? Short answer: Yes. The long answer is a repeat of what was just mentioned. It’s not considered to be a stand-alone firearm. Unlike a complete lower receiver for an AR-10, you won’t need an FFL license to purchase or own one. In most, if not all jurisdictions, you will be allowed to own one of these lowers. Why Would You Want an 80% Lower Compared to Others? There are a few good reasons you should own an 80% lower receiver for your AR-10. Some of them may be for the sake of your rifle’s overall function. But there are also some advantages you may also enjoy should you own one of these yourself. Here is a brief list of what you’ll enjoy if you choose to upgrade to an 80% lower: Your Right to Bear Arms It’s clearly obvious. You, as an American citizen, have the right to bear arms, provided that you are not a convicted felon or have any blemishes on your record that would otherwise cause issues when you’re attempting to purchase a firearm. Whether 2A opponents like it or not, this is a right that most Americans have exercised responsibly and safely. And they should not be lumped in with those who have made the mistake of using a firearm irresponsibly. Source They Don’t Have Serial Numbers The good news is that 80% lowers don’t have serial numbers. In other words, you won’t be tracked down on any government database. So as long as you’re using them responsibly, you won’t have to worry about breaking any laws or regulations. Especially if you’re building an AR-10 rifle from scratch. Complete Lower Receivers Will Require FFLs If you’re getting a complete lower receiver, then you’ll need an FFL. And in some jurisdictions, it may not even be legal to purchase or even own these kinds of receivers. With 80% lowers, you won’t have to jump through the legal hoops and deal with the headaches that go along with it. Aspects to Consider Before Buying Before purchasing an 80% lower receiver of your own, you’ll need to consider some factors that will play a role in your final buying decision. It would be wise to look carefully at your options rather than buy the first 80% lower you find on the market. If you’re online, it’s better to do some in-depth research before you hit the “add to cart” button. With that said, here are a few aspects that some past buyers have considered prior to their purchase: Price Price is considered a major factor, especially for those looking for an 80 percent lower on a budget. While price should not be the “be all, end all” in your purchasing process, you should also consider overall quality as a possible factor. As a rule of thumb, find something that’s affordable in price but also high in overall quality. Material Staying on the topic of quality, it’s important to know what kind of materials are being used to manufacture these lowers. Most gun manufacturers opt for high-quality materials. For example, polymer is considered a heavy favorite among manufacturers. Upper and lower receivers will typically be made from this kind of material since it’s a lot stronger and more resistant to damage. Another material that might be included for 80 percent receivers is aluminum. Installation Already, you know that 80 percent lowers will need some tooling in order to be installed properly. The same way is true when you’re looking to complete the last 20% of a lower receiver. Keep in mind that some gunsmithing skills may be needed in order to install an 80% lower receiver. If the installation process appears a little too intimidating for you, you can always rely on the professional services of a gunsmith to install it for you. Quick Take - The Best AR-10 80% Lowers These are our recommendations for the best AR-10 80% lowers: James Madison Tactical - 308 80% Lower Receiver w/Jig JMT .308/7.62 "80% Polymer Lower" Receiver & Jig Review of the Best AR-10 80% Lowers Below, we’ll be taking a look at two of the best AR-10 80% lowers considered the best on the market. We chose these two since they stood out as the best in terms of quality and performance. At the same time, these will fit most budgets. Regardless of which one you choose, your final decision may come down to a unique feature or two that might pique your interest a little further. With that said, let’s introduce our best overall choice: Best Overall: James Madison Tactical - 308 80% Lower Receiver W/Jig CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Drilling and the Aligning Process is Simple The Jig is Very Well-Made for Easy Machining Polymer is Super Strong and Can Be Refined as You Go for Any Needed Adjustments. Cons May Require Some Additional Fitting One Reviewer Complained That it Didn’t Come With Instruction The Result May Not Be a Thing of Beauty, But Can Still Be Useable For our top choice, we’ll be taking a look at the James Madison Tactical 80% lower receiver. One thing you’ll notice is that this is constructed from a high-quality polymer. This is guaranteed to hold its own, especially when you’ve fired off well over a hundred rounds. This is a fully engineered lower designed to give you long-lasting and reliable performance that is second-to-none. The polymer is quite strong and most of its strong points are located in key areas. This receiver will also be resistant to not just damage, but also corrosion as well. Something to keep in mind, polymer is more resistant to corrosion than aluminum lower receivers. So if you’re looking for something that will be strong and long-lasting, this 80% lower could be your best choice. These are engineered for the purpose of providing mil-spec style tolerances. So if you’re looking for something that’s close to mil-spec, you’re probably going to want this product for your own rifle. Bottom Line The James Madison Tactical 80% lower receiver is easy to fit and install if you know what you’re doing. Especially when you’ll be using tools like a drill press or any other machines that may be useful for the installation process. The manufacturers were smart in choosing polymer as the material to use for this lower receiver. You can easily make some changes if need be and polymer won’t give you much difficulty. If you have some gunsmithing skills handy and know your way around the machines, the installation process won’t be as challenging for you. Runner-up: JMT .308/7.62 80% Polymer Lower Receiver & Jig CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Lower is Stout and Very Lightweight The Jig is Great and Very Easy to Follow Easy to Mill. You Can Also Use Basic Shop Tools Cons One Reviewer Said it May Crack Under Pressure "One Reviewer Complained" About the Holes Being Too Small. May Need to Be Sanded Down to Ensure a Better Fit Finally, we’ll be taking a look at the runner up on our list. This is also brought to us by the JMT brand (the short name for James Madison Tactical). This lower receiver is available in three different colors. So if you have a personal preference for a certain color, just choose one and go with it. This is made from high-quality polymer that comes with a webbed magazine well located on both the right and left sides. Your AR-10 magazines should be able to fit in this lower receiver properly without any jamming issues. Believe it or not, this is actually a lower receiver that is interchangeable. This can be interchangeable with most mil-spec .308 caliber rifles. If you’re looking for a lower receiver that won’t be difficult when switching to other rifles, then this might be your best option. This is built to last and also built to withstand the harshest of environments. If you’re looking for something that will stick with you in the long run, you’d be crazy to pass up on this version. Bottom Line This 80 percent lower is a lightweight, but a durable unit that will work with your AR-10 without issue once you’re able to properly get it installed. If you’re looking for something that will be easy to machine, but a little less complicated than any of the other products, this JMT model might the better option for you. This will fit quite well if you happen to have a JMT upper lurking around. As a rule, if you’re looking for an upper that will be perfect to pair with this lower, then your best bet will obviously be an upper from the same manufacturer. Conclusion Finding the best AR-10 80% lower may be a challenge. But one of these two might be yours if you’re looking for an excellent addition to your AR-10 building project. These are legal to own and will also give you more peace of mind as opposed to jumping through all kinds of hoops with complete lower receivers. Whether you’re using it for a building project or as a replacement, a good 80% receiver might be just what you need to maximize your AR-10 rifle’s performance.

Ranking The 10 Best Gas Masks of 2020

Ranking The 10 Best Gas Masks of 2020

A gas mask is one of those tools in your survival kit that you really hope you never have to use. Nevertheless, it’s an important inclusion simply because of the world we live in today. For law enforcement, preppers, security, and military personnel, gas masks have become a critical piece of equipment that allows them to do their job to the best of their ability. A quality gas mask will protect you from CBRN and NBC agents ( 1 ), whether they’re in weaponized form or not. They will also protect you from other airborne toxins including viruses and bacteria. A full-face gas mask is much more effective than a simple mouth and nose shield. When it comes to performance and protection, a full-face mask respirator really is the only way to go. Our list of the 10 Best Gas Masks will help you narrow down your options so that you can choose the best mask for your needs. Our thorough Buyer’s Guide will also break down the most important factors to consider when buying a gas mask. 1. Mira Safety CM-6M Click here for the lowest price(Use promo code MIRA10 for 10% off) Simply put, this is the best gas mask that we reviewed. This full-face respirator protects your entire face, as well as your vital internal organs, from the potentially fatal effects of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA).  It also protects your from airborne particles including bacteria, viruses, and pepper spray. When used with a suitable gas filter or breathing apparatus, it also provides protection against a number of CBRN agents, which can appear in the form of gas, vapor, aerosol, or radioactive dust-based toxins. The Mira Safety CM-6M gas mask is a tactical choice that’s approved by a number of governmental entities worldwide, including Norway, Portugal, and Chile. The mask boasts a 20-year shelf life and is compatible with 40-millimeter filter cartridges. It is made with durable bromobutyl rubber construction, which meets CBRN protection standards. Check out our full review here ! The mask has been tested to resist mustard gas penetration for nearly 30 hours and comes with a hypoallergenic inner mask that prevents fogging so you’ll never lose critical visibility. The mask comes standard with a speech diaphragm. We tested many gas masks and this is the BEST gas mask that we found. Click here for the lowest price(Use promo code MIRA10 for 10% off) 2. PD-100 Check price on Amazon The PD-100 full-face respirator is designed for those who work with chemical and other toxic substances. It’s also a great gas mask for pesticide protection, chemical laboratory use, fire inspection equipment, health and epidemic prevention, and environmental technology applications. The mask comes with dual filter cartridges and an impact-resistant lens. It’s compatible with 3M cartridges and the mask itself is manufactured using non-toxic materials. The mask’s high-density elastic straps also ensure an airtight seal and a snug fit in any conditions. 3. Dräger 6300 Check price on Amazon This gas mask is made for comfort with a 5-point harness and wide straps that prevent pressure points on the head and allow for easy donning and doffing. It is designed to fit virtually any face shape and size and the mask body itself is made from durable, skin-friendly EPDM ( 2 ). It also offers a double-layer face seal and triple sealing edges. The Dräger 6300 provides both respiratory and face protection in an efficient, full-face breathing mask. It’s great for multiple applications and can be used with Rd40 (40-millimeter threaded) particle filters, gas or combination cartridges. That mask also features a distortion-free PMMA ( 3 ) lens that provides a 180°wide-angle field of vision. 4. 3M FR-7800B Check price on Amazon This full-face respirator is designed for first responders and protects against certain chemical warfare agents, such as sarin and mustard gas. It also protects against industrial chemicals and particulates. The mask’s face piece is made of butyl rubber. The 3M FR-7800B offers the ability to mount filter canisters on either side for convenience via 40-millimeter connections. The head harness is made from silicone and secures to your head using a suspension, six-part strap. This mask also includes a speaking diaphragm and meets NIOSH standards ( 4 ). 5. MSA Millennium Check price on Amazon The MSA Millennium is designed to protect law enforcement and military personnel from a variety of respiratory hazards. It’s capable of protecting the wearer against chemical, biological, radioactive, and nuclear agents and has great application as a riot control gas mask. This mask offers a flexible lens and a wider field of view. It provides permeation-resistant construction and built-in speaking diaphragms. It also offers a customizable, comfortable fit and the ability for easy On/Off adjustment. 6. Avon FM12 Check price on Amazon This gas mask is compatible with weapon sights and other optical devices, which makes it a great choice for tactical situations. The mask’s six-buckle fit provides an excellent seal and the contoured face seal helps to ensure compatibility with a variety of helmets. The Avon FM12 has two filter mounts on the left and right that are designed to minimize interference and provide the ability to customize to fit your needs. The mask also contains a high-flow, fail-safe drinking device that enables connection to a canteen or hydration bladder. 7. Israeli Rubber Respirator Mask Check price on Amazon This full-face gas mask will have you prepared in the case of an emergency that involves nuclear, biological, or chemical agents. It’s compatible with any 40-millimeter NATO filer gas canister and the mask’s straps are easily adjustable to fit all sizes. The Israeli "Rubber Respirator Mask" is made of high-quality, professional-grade materials. The goggles are made with scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses. It’s also great for industrial and commercial uses such as painting, sanding, dusting, cleaning, and grinding fumes. 8. Avon M50 Check price on Amazon The Avon M50 Full-Face Respirator is constructed to military specifications and includes an interior drinking tube as well as a clear outer lens. This gas mask uses an M61 filter assembly and it ‘s one of the most advanced masks in existence and is capable of providing superior protection against chemical, biological, radioactive, and nuclear agents. The M50 model’s cast flexible visor offers a wide field of vision while maintaining the best in impact and scratch resistance. The mask’s curved conformal filters also offer reduced breathing resistance and improved weight distribution. Additionally, the mask boasts an integrated Electronic Communication Port to connect an internal microphone for communication systems. 9. M15 Rubber Respirator Mask Check price on Amazon The M15 is an IDF Government-Issue Israeli gas mask. The mask’s large triangular eyepieces provide a superior field of vision and its integrated voice meter enhances verbal communication capability. It’s the standard issue mask for all Israeli defense forces. This gas mask also contains an upgraded exhalation valve for easier breathing. It offers compatibility with a drinking tube assembly and it fits any standard 40-millimeter NATO filter gas canister. The goggles are made from scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens and the mask’s easily adjustable straps truly make it a ‘one-size-fits-all’ option. 10. SGE 1 Check price on Amazon The SGE1 is a full-face gas mask respirator designed to NATO specifications. It will protect against nuclear, biological, and chemical agents and it’s compatible with 40-millimeter filters via three distinct filter ports. It’s also drinking tube compatible, but this must be purchased separately and installed by the manufacturer. This gas mask comes with a soft, quick-release harness with six adjustable straps. The mask’s durable polycarbonate visor has been tested to resist a one-inch steel ball propelled at 335 mph without cracking or otherwise being damaged. It also offers full visibility face protection and is heat resistant up to 800 degrees Celsius. — Buyer’s Guide Gas masks have evolved significantly since the first M17 that contained chromium in the filters, a substance we now know to be a carcinogen. However, with improvements in filtration, comfort, and seals, there are so many options available on the market today. To help you make an educated decision, our Buyer’s Guide will focus on protection, visibility, and hydration compatibility. Protection Gas masks are specifically designed to protect against specific agents. Many provide protection against a host of toxic substances, but knowing exactly what each mask you’re interested in protects against is important before making a purchase. In general, even those looking to buy a gas mask primarily for civil defense should invest in a military grade gas mask respirator. There are several important ratings and/or “seals of approval” to look for when evaluating the level of protection that a gas mask offers. CBRN masks will largely provide the highest degree of protection possible against chemical, biological, radioactive, and nuclear agents. Masks with a CBRN rating are verified and rate to provide protection against chemical, biological, radioactive, and nuclear agents for an 8-hour period. NBC masks provide protection against nuclear, biological, and chemical agents, but not against radioactive substances. Masks with an NBC rating are verified and rated to withstand the aforementioned agents for up to an 8-hour window as well. There are other important ratings such as CBA, RCA, and even specialty ratings that delineate a mask or filter’s ability to protect against a specific NBC or HAZMAT threat. Most of the ratings you’ll find will specify the mask’s effectiveness against the four most known types of toxic agents: chemical, biological, radioactive, and nuclear. In addition, the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) distinction is another “seal of approval” to look for. Most of the best gas masks come with a specific NIOSH rating that advertises its effectiveness. The NIOSH rating system is best understood by viewing the table below. NIOSH ratings will appear in a gas mask’s specifications in the form of one of the letters on the left column followed by a number from the right column. A gas mask with a rating of N95, for example, means that it is effective in filtering out 95% of all airborne particles, but the mask is not resistant to oil. When it comes to buying protection, a NIOSH rating of N95 is the absolutely baseline for an effective mask. If you really want complete protection, the P100 rating is the best that NIOSH hands out to gas masks. These CBRN, NBC, and NIOSH specifications all lend considerable credibility to any gas mask you’re looking at, but aside from the specifications for the types of agents a mask will protect you from, there are also half-masked and full-face respirators to choose from. As you might imagine, full-face respirators provide the highest degree of protection possible, which is why you’ll see them in use with law enforcement, security, and military personnel. Filter cartridge compatibility is also important to consider when it comes to how much protection you’re getting. In general, it’s good to find a mask that accepts filters with a 40-millimeter NATO thread. This will give you the ability to choose from the widest variety of NATO filters available. Other thread options may limit the type of filters you can use with a certain mask. Visibility Especially when it comes to firefighting, law enforcement, and military applications, a high degree of visibility and large field of view is important. These are circumstances in which it’s highly critical to be able to identify risks, objects, and other parts of the world around you in order to make decisions that can ultimately have high consequences or rewards. Masks with singular lenses tend to provide the best clarity of vision and minimize obstructions to your peripheral vision. Some users, for example, may find that goggle-type masks don’t give them the freedom they need to survey their exterior landscape adequately. In addition, the type of material that the lens or goggles of a mask is made with will affect the clarity of the mask, especially in adverse conditions. Just to offer an idea, many of the best gas masks only obstruct about one inch of your peripheral vision. In addition, you should make sure that the visor of your gas mask is heat-resistant, at least to an appreciable degree. Comfort In a situation where a gas mask is in use, it’s likely that you’ll need to wear it for an extended period. The types of agents that gas masks protect you from don’t typically disappear in a matter of minutes. Because of the risk that you’ll need to wear your gas mask on a prolonged basis, you want to make sure that the mask you choose is going to offer a comfortable fit. When it comes to finding a comfortable gas mask, there are two features that you should pay attention to. The first is the mask’s nose cup. This is the area that protects the mouth and nose. If it pinches your cheeks or presses on the bridge of your nose with too much force, that’s simply not going to be comfortable for a long time. Transversely, if the nose cup doesn’t provide a snug fit, then you put yourself at risk of exposure to potentially toxic agents. The second feature you should pay attention to when it comes to comfort is the straps. These are responsible for securing the mask to your head and making sure it fits tight enough to afford you the degree of protection you’re searching for. But, just like with the nose cup, if these straps aren’t adjustable enough to give you some freedom in terms of how the mask fits, you risk them being too tight and squeezing your head uncomfortably. Durability Another consideration when selecting a gas mask is how it will stand up to long-term use. Gas masks are deployed in some of the most extreme circumstances imaginable, so they need to be able to withstand those circumstances and come out on the other end ready to go for another round. What you really want to avoid is a gas mask that ends up being a “one-and-done” kind of purchase. When you think about the durability of a gas mask, the main thing you’ll look at is the materials used in its manufacture. The best materials for a high-performing gas mask are butyl rubber and silicone. These are the common materials used in the main structure of the best gas masks. When it comes to the lens, it’s hard to beat the benefits of polycarbonate material, which is best to provide maximum visibility and protection. Hydration and Communication Compatibility When you’re looking at gas masks, you’ll also want to find an option that makes it easy to stay hydrated and to communicate with your team. In some masks, these features are a mere afterthought. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you need to wear your gas mask for a prolonged period, the ability to remain sufficiently hydrated while still protecting yourself against harmful agents will be essential. As such, we highly recommend finding a gas mask that can be used in conjunction with an approved drinking tube. Additionally, all law enforcement, security, and military personnel are part of larger teams. These teams must be able to communicate effectively if they’re going to perform their duties. Even if you’re buying a gas mask for civil defense, the ability to still communicate once you put it on is vital. Some masks contain a voice amplifier or meter that helps you effectively communicate through them. Depending on your intended use, this can also be an important addition. Those who work in a team in which quick, effective communication is essential to success or survival should certainly have a gas mask with a voice amplifier or meter. Frequently Asked Questions A gas mask is one of those survival and tactical tools that often mean the difference between life and death. But if you don’t know how to use and maintain your mask correctly, it won’t be nearly as effective as it should be. This list of "Frequently Asked Questions" will help you bolster your gas mask knowledge so that you can use your new mask to the best of its ability. How long does a gas mask last? Many of the best gas masks on the market have a shelf life of up to 20 years. But when it comes to longevity, it’s also apt to talk about the lifespan of the filters that the mask contains. Generally, most gas mask filters will last up to about 24 hours in a nuclear, biological, or chemical situation. How often should I change the gas mask filter in my mask? The rule of thumb for replacing the filter in your gas mask recommends that you remove yourself from the contaminated area and dispose of the existing filter if it becomes damaged, soiled, or breathing becomes difficult. If this circumstance never occurs, it’s generally recommended to change the filter after 40 hours of use or 30 days, whichever comes first. How should I clean my respirator? You can clean the face piece of your respirator using the pre-packaged cleaning wipes that often come with it. If this isn’t available, you can also immerse the face piece in a warm cleaning solution and then scrub with a soft brush until clean. You can always add a little natural detergent if needed, but the temperature of your cleaning solution should never exceed 120°Fahrenheit. What is an organic vapor? This term most often refers to liquids that evaporate quickly and are petroleum based. Some examples include the solvents in paint, nail polish remover, and gasoline. Will I be able to get a tight seal with my gas mask if I have a beard? The simplest answer to this question is no. Some have tried to apply oils to their beard in order to mat it down in an attempt to achieve a better seal. But there’s really no substitute for direct skin contact when it comes to creating an airtight seal. When your life depends on it, it’s worth shaving that neckbeard. Can anyone wear a respirator gas mask? It’s important to note that breathing through a respirator is noticeably more difficult than breathing in open air. Therefore, people with lung diseases (asthma or emphysema), elderly individuals, and other populations may struggle to breathe when wearing a gas mask. Additionally, those with vision problems may also have trouble seeing with a gas mask on. Summary The first effective, charcoal-activated gas mask was invented way back in 1915 by Russian chemist Nikolay Zelinsky ( 5 ). Today’s masks are more effective and comfortable than ever. We hope that you’ve found this article useful and we wish you the best of luck selecting the right gas mask for you.

5.56 vs 7.62x39mm: Ballistics Match of Tortoise and the Hare

Trending: Best Places to Buy Ammo Online and [Buyer's Guide] 7 Best AR-15s Every shooter has seen or heard of 7.62x39mm and 5.56 NATO…when you are building an AR, cruising a gun show, or staring at a wall of ammunition at your local gun shop. These two cartridges are some of the most abundant ammunition choices on the planet. For good reason as well, considering that most major, and minor military forces on Earth use one of these two cartridges. But, which is better , and does it matter ? 5.56 vs 7.62×39 Table of Contents Loading... A Brief History Forged in Warfare The 7.62×39 Ruski was established towards the end of WWII by the Russian government in 1944. It was designed to be an intermediate range cartridge and gained a lot of traction once the Russian government designed the AK-47 and put it into military use. You can read more about the history of the AK, 7.62×39, and learn more in our AK-47 Buyer’s Guide and our Best AK-47 Ammo articles! Once China adopted the round, among other countries in Africa and South America, 7.62×39 chambered weapons and the ammunition proliferated. Chinese Military training with 7.62×39 As far as ammunition choices for the 7.62x39mm go, its pretty plain and has not changed much in its history. Most commercial loads use a bullet weight of just over 120 grains, and the bulk of the ammunition is either full metal jackets, hollow points, or pointed soft points. Due to the fact that the 7.62x39mm actually uses a .310″ projectile and brass casings aren’t as plentiful, this probably isn’t the round for the reloaders among us. The Truth About Brass Vs. Steel Case Ammo . The 5.56 NATO was originally designed off of the commercial .223 Remington load, and it was adopted by NATO countries in 1961. The concept of the 5.56 NATO was that is was smaller than the previous 7.62 NATO cartridge, which meant troops in the field could carry more of it. Considering that the majority of shots taken during warfare are missed, having extra ammo on hand was and is still a good idea. Marines at Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan prepare to shoot their rifle qualifications (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Andy Martinez) During the 5.56 NATO’s history, projectile weight has changed a good bit, much like my wife when she randomly changes outfits before we go out. Since the .224″ caliber projectile is popular with the .223 Remington, reloaders can really fine-tune a cartridge for maximum accuracy at the range or in the field. For those that don’t reload, there is a cornucopia of choices between 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington factory cartridges. We have a list, well a complete guide actually , to our favorite 5.56/.223 ammo. But Does Size Matter? Foregoing the innuendos, and “that’s what she said” jokes, does the concept of smaller calibers hold water for lethality? In my opinion, and in the opinion of militaries across the globe, it does, given one important element. VELOCITY. Author engaging targets out to 400 yards with ease using a Lead Star Arms Barrage chambered in .223 Wylde with Federal 5.56 NATO M193 ball ammo To do a quick physics lesson, kinetic energy equals half of the mass multiplied by velocity squared or K.E. = 1/2 mv^2. Velocity tends to be an important factor when calculating kinetic energy on a target considering it goes up exponentially. Mass is obviously important, but the faster it goes, the more potential damage it can do. Also with velocity comes further effective ranges. When you look into the ballistics of a common 123-grain FMJ the muzzle velocity is around the 2,350 fps mark. It’s a reasonable velocity for a short-range cartridge, but because of its mediocre ballistic coefficient, at 300 yards, there is 26″ of drop with a 100-yard zero and hits with 550 ft. lbs. of energy. Albert Einstein probably said this… probably. Now when we look at a 5.56 NATO with a 55-grain M193 cartridge, muzzle velocity is around 3,000 fps, and at 300 yards, there are only 10 inches of drop with a 100-yard zero. Kinetic energy is roughly the same at around 520 ft. lbs. of energy. But when we jump up the bullet weight to a Mk262 70 grain OTM load, muzzle velocity is roughly 2700 fps, and there is only 12″ of drop when zeroed at 100 yards. Kinetic energy then jumps up to a whopping 700 ft. lbs. I’d say the 5.56 NATO is taking the lead! How Hard Does It Hit… Your Wallet? The price of ammunition is definitely something to consider when comparing different cartridges. While .223 Remington steel cased ammo is roughly the same as steel case 7.62x39mm, brass cased 5.56 NATO has a large difference in price. A simple search on LuckyGunner shows that 7.62x39mm steel case ammo only costs .21/round while 5.56 NATO costs upwards of .37/round. (Although to be fair – you can find .223 for around .28/round) Author zeroing a PSAK-47 Liberty Classic While many people don’t mind shooting steel cased .223 Remington, some ARs will just not properly cycle it, and it can cause premature wear in barrels. Availability is about the same between the two cartridges, but in good conscience, I have to give the 7.62x39mm the nod on price per round. Bullet Bae This benefit may be a deciding factor for many people on a budget that want to shoot as much as possible. Whether you just want to punch paper, train with your rifle, or go out and dispatch some hogs or deer hunt, the 7.62x39mm definitely wins this round. More ammo means more fun, and I don’t think anyone can refute that. Variety Is the Spice of Life When you dive into the depths of choices for rifles, it starts to get a bit dicey. Rifle choices are plenty, and ultimately, they are dependent on the shooters preference. Between AR15s, AK variants, the Ruger Mini-14, Mini-30, or the SKS, there are plenty of semi-automatic rifles that you can choose from. Author handling the Palmetto State Armory AK chambered in 5.56 NATO. Some are even interchangeable now that more and more people are interested in AR15s chambered in 7.62x39mm, and on the other side of the coin, the AKM variant chambered in 5.56 NATO by "Palmetto State Armory" . So in the end, does it really matter? The choice is ultimately up to you and what you want in your rifle. Either way, the next time you are on the range, put casings on the ground and have fun! If you are interested in the AR-15, you’ll want to drive into our AR-15 Complete Buyer’s Guide . What would you rather have – an AR-15 in 7.62×39 or an AK in 5.56 NATO? Let us know in the comments! Check out more info in our Ammo & Reloading section too.

Sig Sauer P320 [Review+Video]: Worth It?

Trending: Best Places to Buy Ammo Online and [Buyer's Guide] 7 Best AR-15s Being adopted by a major military is the dream for every firearm manufacture. But government procurement is a messy business and raises the question… Did the US Army make the right decision by choosing the Sig Sauer P320 as its new sidearm? And just because they chose it…does the P320 make sense for you ? "Sig Sauer P320" 500 at Guns.Com Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 500 at Guns.Com Compare prices (5 found) Guns.Com (See Price) GunBroker.Com (See Price) Brownells (See Price) Cabela's (See Price) Rainier Arms (See Price) Prices accurate at time of writing We’ll cover everything about the P320 in our review…from features to accuracy, reliability, ergonomics, upgrades, and pricing.  By the end, you’ll know if the P320 is right for you or if the Army is stuck with a dud. And now complete with a hands-on video review: If that helped, please subscribe to our YouTube channel since we’re adding new videos every week! Striker vs Hammer Times are changing and the striker fired polymer king Glock, is being given a run for its money by Sig Sauer. Normally known for its double action, single action hammer fired pistols, Sig Sauer is the gold standard for semi-auto handguns. Their entry into the striker fired market is the p320, a welcomed sight in a stagnating market and a very real replacement for Glock pistols for CCW and general shooting. Not sure about gun actions?  Check out our Single/Double Action vs Striker Fired article. Striker Action, Glock Why would Sig want to make a striker fired gun? Well, striker fired guns have a lot of advantages that people love…a consistent trigger pull and increased internal safeties are the main reasons armed citizens, police agencies, and elite military units are switching to striker fired guns.  The SEALS did it with the Glock 19 . Glock 19, Gen 4 The mechanisms that make up striker fired guns are also very easy to produce, assemble and easy for armorers to fix.  All this makes striker guns cheaper than traditional guns. This is where the Sig Sauer P320 comes in. The major difference between the p320 and every other double stack pistol Sig Sauer has ever made is that others use hammers and the P320 uses a striker. Sig Sauer P220 Super Match It offers the quality and reliability of Sig Sauer, with a tried and true striker system and ingenious features that make it a novel gun. In a world of “innovative” guns, this truly is an innovated design and a step in the right direction for the future of pistols. General Opinion and Background The model tested for review was my personal Nitron carry in 9mm. Sig Sauer P320 There has been a total of about 1,700 rounds of FMJ plinking and training ammo through it and about 250 defensive rounds through the bore.  I would feel comfortable saying it has 2000 rounds total. The best 9mm ammo for self-defense and plinking . The only stoppages have been ammo related, all with steel cased ammo, including a squib load. My overall impression is that this is a good pistol when compared to a Glock, XD, or M&P but subpar compared to a legacy P-series Sig Sauer gun. The construction of the gun is better than others in its class but isn’t as good as an H&K, legacy Sig Sauer, or any of the high end 1911’s. This is very much a carry or light duty gun. If you shoot competition and can’t afford better, this is a good gun, otherwise look elsewhere. If you plan on actually shooting a gun a lot, get a better gun.  Better in the sense it has better ergonomics, and is more specialized for what you need. *Update January 2019* Sig has released their civilian version of the Army’s M17…the P320-M17.  Check out our full review if that suits your fancy. P320-M17 Features Safety The Sig Sauer p320 has the usual suspect of safety features including firing pin, trigger bar, and others that make the gun just as safe as other pistols in the Sig line. What this pistol does have that no other striker fired gun does…is a single piece trigger. P320 Nice Fat Trigger The trigger pack inside the gun is designed to have a one-piece trigger instead of the widespread two-piece hinged trigger of Glock and M&P design that houses a safety feature to control the striker.  The safeties of this gun are all truly passive and operate without input from the shooter. Glock Trigger Safety This makes the trigger very smooth, consistent and can be had in either a standard, short reach or small bladed design. Fire Control Unit & Caliber X-Change One of the coolest features of this gun is what part constitutes the “gun.” As far as the ATF is concerned the “gun” is the part that has the serial number on it.  That means everything else is just a part. Here’s what the serialized P320 looks like… Sig P320 "Fire Control Unit" The steel fire control unit inside the P320… Sig P320 Metal Gun The slide, and more importantly, the grip frame, are not serialized.  You can shoot all the common calibers out of this weapon by just changing slides and mags.  You can also re-size the gun to your hand by having the entire grip changed, not just a few panels. Sig calls them Caliber X-Change kits. Sig P320 X-Change Kit 407 at Brownells Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 407 at Brownells Prices accurate at time of writing Sig offers kits to change sizes, Full Size, Compact, and Subcompact and caliber change kits for .380acp, 9mm, .40s&w, and .357 Sig.  The kits include the new slide, grip module, and proper magazine for the caliber and grip size. It should be noted that while Sig has said that .45 ACP kits are “coming soon” they have been “coming soon” for about 2 years, so maybe not as soon as it sounds. Currently, if your P320 is in .45 ACP you cannot change it to ANY other caliber. Likewise, if your P320 isn’t in .45 ACP, you cannot change it to .45 ACP. This system works well but is a dumb way to go about it. To convert a Glock, for example, you choose from the calibers that your gun can fit and need a new barrel and a magazine. You can save several hundred dollars over buying a new weapon with this system. The only annoying thing is the price… Caliber X-Change kits are around $400. You only save $150 or so when you buy a Caliber X-Change kit.  You might as well buy a new gun if you want a different size or different caliber. Especially if you factor in the cost of extra magazines.  The guns come with two, the x-change kits only have one. Buy the new gun, thank us later. Grip Frames Sharing both grip frames and magazines with the P250 the P320 has the ability to tailor the size of the gun and the circumference of the grip width, with just the change of the plastic grip frame. The serialized part of the gun the steel fire control unit mentioned above.  This means you can buy grip frames online and have them shipped to your house, no FFL required. P320 Grip Frames 45 at Brownells Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 45 at Brownells Prices accurate at time of writing This is perfect for people who want different grip sizes or want a pro to stipple their grip since now you can just send the hunk of plastic through the regular mail.  And if they/you mess up…you’re only out $45. Sig P320 Subcompact Non-Gun Integrated Red Dot Sig Sauer joins others with a cutout for a red dot sight available from the factory. Sig P320 RX 880 at Brownells Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 880 at Brownells Compare prices (3 found) Brownells (See Price) Cabelas (See Price) EuroOptic (See Price) Prices accurate at time of writing The twist is that theirs comes with a red dot sight installed as well.  The “RX’ model comes with Sig’s own Romeo 1 red dot. While not as proven as other red dot sights, having shot with one I’d have no problem carrying one or stacking it up next to a Leupold or Trijicon. Take Down The takedown of this pistol is easy and can be done without pulling the trigger.  All you do is lock the slide back, rotate the takedown lever clockwise and then slide off the upper half the gun. Sig P320 Takedown, Contingency X I have noticed that it is easier to put the slide back on with an empty magazine inserted because it lifts the slide lock and makes it easier to move the slide rearward and rotate the takedown pin counterclockwise. Accuracy & Reliability The gun is accurate enough to be used in a competition and will easily outshoot most shooters. The gun functions and fires all hollow point and plinking ammo you can feed through it into one ragged hole if you do your part. However, there are a few things to note about the accuracy of this gun. The trigger blade is large and deeply curved.  Until you get used to it the trigger can be a serious hindrance to accuracy. P320 Nice Fat Trigger The trigger pull is consistent with no stacking and seems to be within the 6-7 lbs that a striker fired gun needs. Stacking is where the trigger gets heavier as you pull it until it breaks, common on older pistol designs, especially double action triggers. Finally, the grip panels are good and the overall width of the grip can be tailored by ordering one of several different available plastic frames. "P320 Grip Frames" 45 at Brownells Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 45 at Brownells Prices accurate at time of writing Ergonomics This gun feels very much like a Sig. The high bore axis makes it feel a little like holding a ray gun but it is very comfortable in the hand. The plastic frame feels warm even in cold weather and the grip panels feel almost like skateboard tape, but without the sand.  It’s a subdued stippling that works better than it looks.  I hate saying this but…the gun almost needs to be felt in hand and fired to appreciate it. The slide serrations should be larger, I had trouble racking the slide with sweaty hands.  Deep slide serrations like those found on the S&W M&P would be great here. Truth be told, I have huge hands so this might be a slight bias but the P320 feels good in the hand…but I don’t like the mag release or the baseplate. I had trouble in both bare and gloved hand with the mag dropping free for a reload.  This is definitely a problem and if you carry the compact or subcompact models you might have the same problem. Sig P320 Magazine This is because the magazine floorplate is a piece of the grip and if you have a meaty palm then you’ll prevent the magazine from dropping free.  I never had any problems with the magazine jamming and not coming out, just an ergonomic problem with the gun in general. The feeling of the pistol is hand feels wonky with a loaded magazine, once you put rounds in the gun it handles like a dream, despite the high bore axis. I don’t use the slide lock to run the gun but it is easy to use if you’re inclined. Slide Release, Range Time The magazines when I first got them were very, very stiff and had to be downloaded by 2.  The fix was for the magazines needed to be left loaded for two weeks, then you can load them to capacity. The trigger is nothing special…it’s a decent striker fired trigger without stacking and decent weight. I have large fingers but many report the trigger blade being too wide and uncomfortable to shoot.  I didn’t find any problems while shooting, but the ladies who shot my gun had to use almost their entire finger. Quality & Durability The Sig P320 is an entry-level Sig gun. That doesn’t mean that it is low quality. Sig Sauer makes by far the best polymer framed guns in the world and by far some of the most accurate and dependable pistols.  You must accept the fact though…the grip frame is made to be almost disposable . This is important because the plastic of the 320 isn’t as resilient as Glocks or M&Ps. Gen 4 Glock All the models offer Picatinny rails that are squared away under the barrel, in front of the trigger guard for mounting a light or laser. The whole gun, finish included just seems more susceptible to dings, and scratches…more so than any other gun I’ve ever used. The finish on the gun is said to be the same as on other guns, but my Sig P250, the predecessor of the P320, seems infinitely more durable with regards to finish.  This, of course, doesn’t hurt the reliability of the gun, just affects the quality and long-term appearance. Sig P250 I live in South Florida, and in December the average temperature is still around 80 degrees with 70% or so humidity. Guns rust literally on store shelves here, but the Sig P320 doesn’t. The first week I got this pistol I took it kayaking and I accidentally dropped the whole pistol into a pool of salt water. I did nothing more than field strip it and reassemble it wet.  Never had a problem with rust or reliability. Applications Guns obviously have more than one use but a .50 BMG rifle is bad for plinking just like a .22 LR pistol is bad for self-defense . The Sig Sauer P320 is good for many things but there are a few models that are better suited than others. The RX Carry is probably the most capable of the bunch.  It comes with a red dot sight mounted on the slide.  The carry model, in general, is a great size, it’s plenty big enough to use for serious work but small enough to conceal. The Tacops models are a good model for duty use if you are an officer or security guard that can choose their own weapon.  The factory included 21 rounds magazines are only useful for open carry or for competition/range use. Sig P320 Tacops 800 at Cabelas Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 800 at Cabelas Prices accurate at time of writing Aftermarket Support Currently there the Sig P320 lags behind the classic Sig guns in regards for professional quality gear but it is being embraced by and large by consumer gear manufacturers. If more agencies and large Security firms adopt the Sig P320 we might see a rise in the duty gear selection but only time will tell. Holsters Nearly every custom Kydex maker has holsters for this gun so for concealed carry or for range use you should be fine.  Including holsters for weapon lights, red dot sights, and suppressor height sights. Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster for P320 40 at Amazon Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 40 at Amazon Prices accurate at time of writing If you’re an officer or security guard that can choose their own weapon this is a great pistol but it can be difficult to find retention holsters. There are the typical level 2 and level 3 drop leg and duty holsters available from the usual suspects.  However, if you need a holster for plainclothes police or detective work you’re better off with a shoulder holster than looking for a concealable holster with retention. Magazines The biggest downside of the Sig Sauer p320 is the premium price of magazines . P320 Magazines 40 at GunMag Warehouse Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 40 at GunMag Warehouse Compare prices (2 found) GunMag Warehouse (See Price) Brownells (See Price) Prices accurate at time of writing That goes for the full capacity and the state compliant models with limited round counts. Sig Sauer does offer extended 21 round magazines to the tune of $58.  Sig Sauer has also been plagued with high shipping costs and long wait times due to extreme order volume.  Order from a retailer if you can find a deal or need the mags quick. The magazines currently used are the same design from the p250 and they haven’t come down in price so I don’t believe they’ll come down in price anytime soon.  Aftermarket magazines aren’t available but they could come depending on the long-term success, and honestly the competition use, of this pistol. Weapon Light No defensive gun is complete without a good light mounted on it, for the P320 (and most other guns) the Streamlight TLR-7 is an outstanding choice. Delivering high lumens, great durability, and coming in at a decent price – it’s a must-have. Streamlight TLR-7 102 at Amazon Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 102 at Amazon Compare prices (2 found) Amazon (See Price) Optics Planet (See Price) Prices accurate at time of writing Parts & Upgrades Sights aside, there aren’t many parts available for the P320 yet. Sig Sauer offers replacement spring kits and grip modules as well as the previously mentioned caliber X-change kits.  The offer a thin-bladed trigger that is available for purchase, it’s not an upgraded trigger, just a different blade. The only “big” upgrade currently offered is the Apex Trigger kit available.  I haven’t used the trigger myself so I can’t comment on its use but it is a completely flat faced trigger that looks like a competition upgrade and is getting good reports thus far. Apex Trigger Kit, Sig P320 47 at Brownells Prices accurate at time of writing View Details 47 at Brownells Prices accurate at time of writing Sig Sauer is also offering a grip module that has a built-in laser.  It looks like an overgrown S&W Bodyguard .380 and is very expensive.  You also lose the ability to mount a light and need a custom holster. I’d steer clear, at least until the part has been proven in the field. By the Numbers Let’s see how this gun stacks up in the good ‘ole 5 point scoring metric: Reliability: 5/5 Zero problems in testing and with all kinds of different ammo. Accuracy: 4/5 More so than a Glock, this pistol’s main competitor but won’t keep up with a race-gun 1911. Ergonomics: 3/5 Can feel a bit like holding onto a finely shaved 2×4.  It also takes a hit for the trigger blade, not the feeling of the trigger, the literal part of the trigger you touch, it’s huge. Looks: 3.5/5 It looks like a space pistol, especially the full sized gun. Super cool if you’re into that kinda thing. Customization: 4/5 This is an excellent gun to customize, as long as sig makes what you like.  The pistol is still lagging in aftermarket parts, especially mags, but SIg makes plenty of parts to change out and it’s the easiest gun by far to have stippled. Bang for the Buck: 5/5 Simply awesome, the reliability of a Glock, the performance of a SIg, and the pricing of a Taurus. WHat’s not to love? Overall Rating: 5/5 This is a darn excellent pistol. I’m not a lover of most striker fired guns but this is just a great gun.  It certainly has it quirks but overall you can’t go wrong with purchasing this gun for yourself, as a present or for your significant other. Conclusion Sig Sauer’s striker-fired P320 is the Army’s newest sidearm and plenty of people’s carry gun for good reason. It’s reliable, accurate, and modular. There’s plenty of different models to suit your desires but ergonomics might be an issue for some hand sizes. If you’re in the market for your first handgun, this is a good bet.  If you’re a collector and just likes this gun, then get at it!  And I feel the Army made a pretty good decision too. However, if you’re the type that already has a Glock or M&P and are happy with it, this gun is different, but not an upgrade. This is a fantastic carry gun and a great alternative for a Glock or M&P.  I say buy the frame size, and caliber you want because for the street price of an X-Change kit is almost the cost of another gun. Sig Sauer P320 The best size and caliber I say is the black, “Carry” model in 9mm .  A fantastic, well balanced, well-rounded pistol for defensive use.  If you’re a gamer, the “RX” model comes with a factory red dot that has yet to be proven but looks promising.  If you’re a wannabe operator the “Tacops Carry” model looks cool as hell. Regardless of what flavor of P320, know that Sig has a winner on their hands, but there are a few quirks they need to work out. The trigger blade is super wide, the magazine needs a little redesign and the finish is downright awful.  The upside is, no matter what you know that this gun is accurate enough to do most all kind of work, and will go bang every time you need it too. Will you be picking up a P320? Need a holster for your P320 or any carry gun? These are Our Top 5 Kydex Holster makers. And if you’re looking to make your P320 even better, take a look at the Best P320 Upgrades !


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